Microsoft – MOSS 2007 utilities

.Net Reflector
you can obtain the strong name of a DLL for example
WSP builder on codeplex: utility to support the creation of solutions
A SharePoint Solution Package (WSP) creation tool for WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007

No more manually creating the manifest.xml file.
No more manually specifying the DDF file.
No more using the makecab.exe application.

SmartPart: development of webpart with assitance of VS2008 (codeplex)
The SharePoint web part which can host any ASP.NET web user control. Create your web parts without writing code!
List Column Manager allows to create CAML requests (codeplex)
This feature allows site collection administrators to view all the columns of a list including hidden/read-only ones and gives column details such as the internal name, Guid, Type..
CAML query Builder
Build and test CAML Queries for SharePoint interactively with the U2U CAML Query Builder
A set of .NET language-based tools for creating dynamic, reusable CAML query components
Event Handler

In WSS 2007, event handlers have been improved a lot and will allow you to extend your SharePoint environment in a lot of ways. We have synchronous before (means you can now cancel a user action) and asynchronous after events. Events are fired not only in document libraries but now also for lists – and even at various other levels (site and web level). It is also now possible to hook up multiple event handler assemblies to your list or library you work with. During my session at the SharePoint Advisor Summit in Vegas I demonstrated a small Windows application I am using to register an event handler for a list. And I also promised to make it available for download. Here is the link to it. Remember that this is demoware and meant to be something to learn from (that’s why you get the full source code) and it was created for beta 1. So if you are not into the beta program, wait a couple of weeks and then you will be able to download beta 2 and I will make sure that I have by that time tested and recompiled it for that version.

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